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Manage Your Mind, Manage Your Life.

"When you live for yourself life is utterly miserable, when you live for others, it is pure joy."
My Books

How I Made $500,000 In Selling At Age 69

"Every human being, regardless of his or her origin or upbringing, is endowed with a marvelous and mysterious apparatus called the mind. It works twenty-four hours a day, producing conditions, events, and experiences in each of our lives. Your thoughts are the tools with which you work and the only tools you have to shape your destiny. Your experience is a mere reflection of your thoughts."

Manage Your Mind, Manage Your Life

"Gratitude erases all negativty from the shores of human mind. It removes all our ailments and suffering. It is a cure for all our pains, both physical and mental. A mind that is filled with gratitude alone can invoke more blessins from the Universe. This Universe is a very kind place. It simply returns what you give-but many fold. The farmer knows this the best: he shows a seed, and reaps many times."

Tablets Of Emotional Wisdom

"Emotional wisdom is a valuable component of attaining success and happiness, and effectively facing and overcoming life's greatest obstacles."

Interview With Jack Canfield

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jack, the famous author of Chicken Soup For The Soul. Enjoy!

Quotes To Live By

"Accepting things as they are opens the doors to spontaneous transformation!"

"Life is a trade off! You have to give something to get something. The only question you need to ask: Is what I am receiving more precious than what I am giving up?"

"Your Intentions Are The Markers Of Your Success In Life!"

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