A Check List For Positive Living!

by Gopi Nair
October 7th 2018

We are all striving to be happy, happier and the happiest. There is only one secret of happiness - all said and done:




The following check list is a shopping list to enhance your happiness in every day life:



Gratitude must be the only attitude in life. It is a grateful attitude. A daily dose of gratitude will help you appreciate everything that happens to you on any given day. When you internalize everything with gratitude, you learn to process data (molecules of every information) the right way, the positive way and the grateful way. It is immaterial what happens to us, but it is very important how we process that information. Any information you process with a sense of gratitude, you are in command of the situation. Please remember, that when you act you are a master, but when you react you are a slave! Gratitude empowers us to act, and not to react. Practice Gratitude and find happiness in everything you do.



Almost all of us sometime or the other, try to judge others, and evaluate their act of commission or act of omission in the light of our own bias. Unless and until you are in their situation, you can not rightfully evaluate the other person's behavior. A non-judgemental attitude towards others will help us cultivate empathy which must be the basis of all our interpersonal relationship. My mother used to tell me when I was a young boy"Gopi, remember everybody sings his own tune". Even though I hardly comprehended what my mother said sixty years ago, now clearly understand the meaning and depth of her wisdom. We may possibly behave worse than the other person, had we been placed under similar circumstances. So why judge others? It is easy to misunderstand another human being, but very difficult to understand. We ought to go the extra mile to understand every person, whether a family member, friend or an associate at work. It can multiply your own personal well being.



We know most of the major team sports like basketball or football the coach or the team captain takes a time out when things are not going well as planned. You are the captain of your one man team, and you need to take a time out whenever necessary to pause and review the events that are not happening according to your plan. It could be a challenge at the office, or a challenge at home with the family. When you take that five minutes time out and reevaluate your thoughts it can clear the fog of confusion, and put you back on track. It will not only reduyce the sress level, but it can help you find a solution that was elusive before your time out.



Discipline is the primary law of the universe! The Sun still rises in the east and sets in the west and over the years it works like clockwork. All four seasons come and go with their unique gifts to mankind. Moderation is the key to enhanced happiness and peace in life. We need to have discipline in our everyday life, and need to inculcate new discipline as we move forward in our life as our responsibilities keep changing.

It is very important in our digital age to have extreme discipline in handling and processing data provided by various electronic gadgets. The speed and the volume of data thrown at us is really overwhelming, and we need to exercise more discipline to successfully navigate through this digital world. The amount of additional stress created by the speed and volume need to be efficiently handled on a daily basis. The cell phone, the e-mails. the face book and the other gdgets contain lots of information, and we need extreme discipline to handle them professionally. We need to give our friends and employer the preferred mode of communication so that you can prioritize their handling.



We need to hear the VOICE OF SILENCE for a few moments everyday. It is our time for reflection, contemplation and meditation. In our increasingly noisy world, those few moments serve as a paradise. They can retool our mind, envigorate our spirit and put us back on this path of emotional well being. Emotional well being is crucial to peace of mind and tranquility. It multiplies your efficiency as a productive human being, devoid of self destructive thoughts that wreck our character.



Conditional love is the cause of most of our agony and disappointment in life. Yet most of us practice conditional love. Even a slight knowledge that it is the worst form of love will emancipate your spirit to a level you have never experienced before. Unconditional love is a habit which can be easily cultivated on a daily basis. Mind is coachable and teachable, and you can think about unconditional love, speak about it and base your deeds with those thoughts in mind. Mothers love is more akin to unconditional love, and we are all the beneficiaries of our mothers love. When you love others including you family members with some expectation, it becomes a trade or a business transaction. It does not originate in the highest human emotion called love. True love is the Spirit of Almighty God, and if you can begin to understand the power of Unconditional Love, it will expedite your personal transformation which is a part and parcel of purposeful living. Please remember when you live for yourself, life is utterly miserable, and when you live for others it is pure joy.



Any attempt to use this check list to add to your daily living will without doubt, improve your quality of life. It will inspire you to bring out the best in you and you will evolve to be a magnetic personality. The conflicts in you will gradually disappear, and you will begin seeing others as they are, and not as "they should be". You will abandon your outdated and puritan habit of "my way or the high way".


This is the road to real transformation, a change for the better.


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