A Predictable "Marker" Of Success

by Gopi Nair
June 25th 2020

Do you take ownership interest in your employer's business?

I do not mean material ownership of stock holding. It is the spiritual ownership, a sense of belonging, and you pour your heart into whatever you are doing at work. This spiritual yearning for the employer and the place of work, is an essential predictor of success in whatever you do, and wherever you work.


Basically you develop a sense of belonging, a culture of innate affinity, and all your actions are based on the premise that you "own" the business! This inseparable spiritual intimacy opens the flood gate of your own creativity, that can only be beneficial to the employer. In your thought speech and action, you only see the benefit of the employer, and this type of spiritual romantic relationship with your employer is what leaders enjoy, and they become one with the organization!


Ask yourself this question:


"Am I in "spiritual romance" with my employer?  

The answer to this question will decide how far you can go with the current employer.

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