A Temple Of Emotions!

by Gopi Nair
March 11th 2021

I built a temple of emotions in my heart, Love and Gratitude laid the foundation. With kindness and compassion its pillars, And Faith is the all welcoming door to enter!


Magnanimity roofed my temple with gold, Windows were made of care and share. Its sanctum sanctorum is built of harmony, And the Deity is an all reflecting mirror!


Emotion is born in the womb of physicality, Born of Spirit the life giving Heavenly Father, The power of such an offspring inexpressible Its depth of impact immeasurable, yet keenly felt.


Our words are powerless without emotions, Mixed with emotions, it can make any one a Cicero The Roman Orator, or Plato the Greek Philosopher, Why? even the healing word comes out of the Divine Mouth.


The power of emotion inspires every mortal, Giving the force of Spirit, and the form of physique. A marvelous marriage indeed!to invoke God's power, Empowering from within, mortals ascend to immortality!


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