Another Thanksgiving Day? 🦃

by Gopi Nair
November 18th 2018

We Will Be Celebrating Another Thanksgiving Day...

a much expected long weekend for which we are all waiting for a year. Many of us will be travelling to far away places to be with loved ones, friends or extended families. Some of us will choose to celebrate Thanksgiving day with family and friends at our homes or nearby restaurants. Our children who are far away in Colleges or Universities along with their siblings in local schools will have an extended weekend to join the family and have fun before going back to schools to prepare for the finals. Overall in America Thanksgiving Day is a week end of fun and joy. While it is good to be together and celebrate with family and friends, I urge all of my readers to take it one step further. Using this occasion of Thanks Giving as a springboard for celebration of life and living by adopting GRATITUDE (Spiritual sister of Thanks Giving) to harvest peace and tranquility in every day life.






G in Gratitude stands for GENEROSITY. When we practice Gratitude, we really get out of the shell of selfishness and self centered living. Being generous is a good thing, because it expands our consciousness, and deepens our vision of everyday living. It can teach us the value of caring and sharing, and we can abandon the attitude of "my way or the high way". When we all try to practice generosity, we are creating a world of love and compassion both are synomous with generosity and magnanimity. PRACTICE GRATITUDE AND PRACTICE GENEROSITY!




R in Gratitude stands for respect. Respect is the right attitude. When were children we were told to respect our teachers, our elders and people who are around us. When you habitually respect others, your tendency to judge people will fade away, or in the least will not raise its ugly head in our daily behavior. When you show respect to others, it shows your character, and how you think about others inside your inner consciouysness. While we all agree that respect should be a two way traffic, you and I must be the the showing it first. Really speaking when you are respecting others, you are indeed respecting our true self.

Years ago, when I was observing my own behavior and looking for self improvement, I came to the rude realization that I showed more respect to my friends' wives than to my own wife. It was really a shocking realization for me, that a person who spends all her life to uplift and support me gets lesser respect from me. That person also happens to be the mother of my children. I decided that I must change immediately, and I started to respect my wife more than before. Of course it is also true that we can never respect our spouses enough for what they do for the family in general and us in particular. Friends, please take a subjective look at your own situation, and see how much you respect your significant other in every day life. When you start practiciong Gratitude, you will begin to show more respect to your own spouses.




A in Gratitude stands for Attitude. Attitude is the attire of our character. GRATITUDE MUST BE THE ONLY ATTITUDE IN LIFE! Such an attitude can not only supercharge your life, it can take you to places you never imagined to reach in your wildest dreams. When you look at everything around you and everyone you come into contact with, starting with your own spouse and children with appreciation, you are rediscovering your life, and paving the way to peace and prosperity in life, regardless who you are, and what you are doing today. A grateful attitude is a positive life changing attitude. When you are grateful to all the blessings you enjoy, more blessings will be unleashed into your life. Gratitude is a boon of contentment, it can bring heavenly calmness in any situation. We are all looking for more and more "stuff" to make us happy in every day life. It ias true in life that whatever we chase will elude you, and whatever you elude will chase you. Gratitude helps you to elude the so called happiness, which in turn will begin to chase you whatever you do with a grateful attitude!




T in Gratitude stands for Training. There may not be any formal training in GRATITUDE. Yet, one day we might have a SCHOOL OF GRATITUDE, where you can get a Diploma in GRATITUDE. Until that day, you can train yourself to accumulate information on gratitude, and start applying those principles in every day situation. Truly speaking Gratitude is both a Science and an Art. Almost all the Scriptures like New Testament, Bhagavad Gita, or Qu'Ran to mention a few, contain the science of Gratitude. Even the art of Prayer is nothing but a Prayer of Gratitude. We are supposed to rekindle that spark of light we get from the prayer of gratitude at the place of worship, in all our activities in the name of Almighty God, by whatever name IT IS worshipped by you and known to you. Come to think of it, God does not need your flowers, or words of praise , or other items of gift you leave at the Altar of Almighty. But your willingness to show your respect and Gratitude to your Creator, will make you a better human being, and that in turn will help you navigate through this world with peace and tranquility. It will emancipate your own ability to face difficult challenges in life.




I in Gratitude stands for INSPIRATION. A grateful attitude in life will confer on the practitioner an avalanche of inspiration. Inspiration is a flow of spiritual energy that keeps us going regardless of the difficulties we face on our way. During the moments of inspiration you transcend the physical and emotional limitations as human beings. Great Orators, Thinkers and Writers were able to accomplish humanly impossible literary and intellectual accomplishments when they were inspired. INSPIRED BY THE SPIRIT, humanbeings are elevated to the level of the DIVINE, during the "spiritual entrapment". Gratitude definitely is the sure way to those "spiritual entrapments".

Start practicing Gratitude from today, and you too can enjoy the moments of inspiration. During those moments you can think of the unthinkable, can do the impossible, and become a "conduit" for the DIVINE, the ultimate light of ENLIGHTENMENT. As you embark on this path of grateful living, you too will begin to inspire others who come into contact with you in daily life. There is only one secret to keep yourself inspired at all times. It is a very simple technique. All the words that come out of your mouth under all circumstances, must be only to uplift and appreciate others. They should not be wasted to put down and judge others, no matter who they are, and what they did to you in the past!




T (the second T) in Gratitude stands for Telepathy. Telepathy is the form of spiritual communication, mind to mind communication, and non-verbal communication. You do not have to necessarily send out a "Thank You" card. Generally speaking a "Thank You" card is a symbol of civilized behavior, it shows your appreciation at the superfluous level. In practicing Gratitude you can use Telepathy as a normal form of communication. You can relax your mind, close your eyes for better focus, and imagine the person in your presence to send him or her your gratitude.Generally we thank people for the favors received in any kind of form. But the expression of Gratitude is a spiritual acknowledgement that all is well, and you are on purpose, and the Universe on purpose , and there are no accidents in the Universe. A firm conviction in the power of Gratitude will relieve you from unnecessary tension, and the need to react to whatever happens in different parts of the world.Telepathy is mind to mind communication, without using any ordinary medium, and it is very effective even if sent to people on the other side of the Atlantic. Instead of asking unnecessary questions and getting agitated to events taking place all over the world, always think of something you can do to make a difference in the other person's life. It does not have to be a massive donation. Even getting a one time meal for a homeless, will make a great difference in that person's life. Conserve energy to praise and uplift others rather than wasting it on criticism and useless gossiping.

You can send your Gratitude to people residing in far away places. Using Telepathy as a medium of communication, you send your grateful messages to others. We are all connected at the sub conscious mind, that sleeping giant who really does not sleep. It is awake when we are sleeping tending to essential matters like breathing, metabolism, why even dreaming. We really do not understand the power of the sub conscious mind, Its spiritual tentacles are far reaching, and it transcend time and space. It is said that a mother is always connected to her children, no matter how far they are. Being emotionally very sensitive, a mother's sixth sense is always alert and ready to receive impressions that emanate from her children. Once you get used to sending telepathic messages, like anything else you get used to it. Of course you are still at liberty to send "thank you cards" to friends and families. Once you start using telepathy as a medium of communication you will realise its speed and effectiveness sooner than you think. It is the most desirable medium especially to communicate with family members.




U in Gratitude stands for understanding. One of the problems we face in modern day living is the mushroom growth of misunderstanding between friends and family members. Nobody has enough time to spend with friends and family and the data and speed are robbing us off our personal touch and emotional bonding. Your children might text you from the same house, or even from the next room in the same house. How sad is such a development. But there is no going back as technology has overtaken our personal life and relationship. While we are all groping in the dark to find answers to these pressing questions, there is ultimate hope in the practice of Gratitude.

Gratitude can foster understanding among friends and families. When you begin to appreciate loved ones and friends and associates at work, for what they are and not for what they have, true understanding will germinate in the minds of all of us. Gratitude is the Sun of Understanding, and when it rises in the horizon of our mentalsphere, the fog of misunderstanding will begin to fade away. When you express your gratitude towards others using all the available sources, you are indeed spreading the net of understanding far and wide. This can promote familiar harmony, and stimulate healthier relationship with people who matter the most in your life.




D in Gratitude stands for Discipline. Gratitude is a discipline, and discipline in practicing gratitude is the key to grateful living. Just like any other discipline, if you do not use it you will lose it. Once you embark on a discipline of gratitude, you know it is a life long discipline, and you can not give it up after a few days or weeks. Really speaking Gratitude must become a way of life. The benefits are far more than you imagine. Gratitude helps you to inculcate a "Culture of Compassion" in one's life. Compassion is a God-like quality, and it shows up in every aspect of your life, starting from how you treat your family members, associates at work, and even strangers whom you meet on the road. The ultimate benefit of compassion stems from the fact that you begin to treat every one alike. Your need to differentiate people based on their social status, and worldly achievements will wither away from your life altogether. Equanimity begins to appear in all your daily dealings.




E in Gratitude stand for Energy. Gratitude gives a kind of energy that is unknown to you now. It brings new life to everything you attempt to do. Your enthusiasm which is the outward expression of the renewed energy created by Gratitude will shine through in all your undertakings. You will begin to pour all your efforts in everything you do, and your passion will explode beyond your imagination. People will start noticing at home and work, that you are not the old person any more. As you may know enthusiasm is infectious and wherever you go you make other people enthused and lively. Life in all its aspects becomes more meanigful, and you will have an inborn clarity in everything you do. Work will not overwelm you any more, as your attitude is clothed in gratitude, and you look at more like fun rather than a task you perform to make money. "The daily grind attitude", towards the work you do will be erased and you begin to enjoy what you are doing.

Another amazing thing about this renewed enthusiasm created by grateful living is your tendency to complain about anything and everything will depart from your life for ever. You will begin to realize the importance of not wasting the vital energy in the useless pursuit of complaining about things over which you may not have any control. Grateful living is the best tool for a total paradigm shift in one's life. The outward expression of energy is the magnetic enthusiasm, it redefines the wind of change in your life. As you continue to reap the benefits of grateful living, without your knowledge you have put in motion the Engine of Transformation. Personal Transformation is at your finger tips when you embrace Gratitude as a way of life. This does not mean you will not have problems or challenges in life. They are part and parcel of everyday living. But your ability to deal with those challenges will be stunning, and beyond mortal comprehension.


Friends, the best thing that happened to me in my life is my recognition of Gratitude as a way of life.


I have no need to show others that I am better than any of them (of course I know in my heart I am not better than anybody I know of) and my ego mostly fails to assert itself over me and trick me to take me for a ride at my expense. Gratitude helps me to embrace humility which is really our true nature. I also came to the understanding that Gratitude when practiced daily can help you to surrender to the will of God. I am totally convinced now that when you live for yourself (me and me and more me) life is utterly miserable, and when you live for others it is pure joy.


I am inviting you, my readers to use this Thanks Giving Day to join me in embarking on a voyage of Grateful Living, which can change your life in all its aspects for the better. Life is like a card game. You and me got our stack of cards, and we must play our HANDS TO WIN THE GAME OF LIFE. We should not be wasting time worrying about what other people got, as it will be an exercise in futility. But practicing gratitude can help us focus on the task at hand. It can help us live in the present moment, which is the cradle of immense joy and contentment in life. Life is precious and priceless, and make every moment count by converting it as a "GRATEFUL MOMENT".


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