Are You A Master Or A Slave?

by Gopi Nair
May 24th 2020

Did you ask this question yourself


"am I a Master or a slave"?


If not please ask this question today itself. The answer to this question can catapult your personal growth and take you to the next level of Emotional Wisdom. Even though it appears to be a silly question, it has deep rooted spiritual tentacles, that can make the difference between success and failure, happiness and sorrow, and agony and ecstasy.


When you act you are a master, and when you react you are a slave. It is true that many of the leaders act most of the time, and almost all the highly evolved people act all the time! When you act on your own volition, you control yourself, and when you react somebody else is in control. Most of our inner conflicts and turmoil come out of our inability to act, and our vulnerability to react.


When you make a conscious choice to act, and you focus on cultivating that habit over a period of time, you can be a master of yourself and the circumstances you are in. Otherwise you continue to react, and be at the mercy of others who literally treat you like a floor mat. It is time to break loose of the self adopted slavery and become a master of emotions. Practicing daily gratitude can accelerate your progress to act like a master!

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