Are You A Player Or Spectator In The Game Of Life?

by Gopi Nair
December 17th 2020

Most of us (I included) are spectators in the game of life! We watch the top players' sterling performance in the game of life, and we admire their dexterity and skill. Sometime we get a message or two from watching them . Mostly we reconcile with the idea that they are born to "perform" and we are born to watch and a kick out of it.


But I want to remind you that God never created second class people. If He mas made man in His own image and likeness, He expects each one of us to tap into our own potential, and become a player in the game of life. Mahatma Gandhi was a big player, so was Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King Jr. Of course Michael Jordan is a player in the game of life., so is Tiger Woods.


Greatness comes with a big price tag, and if you are willing to pay that price you too can be a big player in the game of life! Never take a back seat in life, try to be a player and make contributions to make a difference. Now is the time, you are the person, you are endowed with the attributes to succeed! The question is "will you take the first step:" and declare to the world "yes I can"?


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