Are You Bored With Life & The Pandemic? 🥱 💤

by Gopi Nair
November 14th 2020

If you feel bored, intimidated and helpless, it is time for you to start your GRATITUDE JOURNAL! 📖


Write everyday morning ten things for which you are grateful, ten people to whom you owe a debt of Gratitude, and ten events that changed your life for the better! Every day begun with a dose of Gratitude will perk you up, and you will embrace harmony through out the day! Do not worry about your life or the future events.


Your present is the mother of your future. She carries in her womb a happy and peaceful tomorrow! Understand this truth, and join the group of shakers and movers and shapers of this world! When you are grateful you will embark on a journey of purposeful living, always trying to give, inspire and above all serve.


"Life is like a tennis game" said a wise woman once. "Half of your success depends on how well you serve"!


Very true indeed! Keep serving mankind, no matter how small the role is! You will find your purpose, make a difference and you will change the world! Gratitude can make wonders in your life, it is the panacea for boredom, helplessness and hopelessness! Embrace Gratitude like you embrace your own mother, and experience the elixir of life!


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