Are You Carrying Your Own Sushine?

by Gopi Nair
February 20th 2021

Years ago some creatures complained to the Sun God that there is a place in the Universe that is immersed in pitch darkness, and nobody could go any where near that. Sun God said that:


"I never heard of such a place in the Universe. I like to visit that place, if it is true."


Followed by the creatures Sub set out to see the place immersed in thick darkness! As soon as the Sun God reached the place, there was nothing but resplendent light eradicating all the darkness supposed to have enveloped that space.


Carry your own sun light wherever you go, and radiate your own energy to uplift others around you. If you are grateful and humble you will not see the darkness in others! You will simply radiate your own inner light and eradicate the negativity surrounding you. Be like the Sun God, simply eradicate the darkness by your own presence.


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