Are You Exercising Your Fundamental Rights?

by Gopi Nair
August 6th 2020

Many of us either consciously or unconsciously do not exercise our fundamental right.


It is really unfortunate! It is really puzzling when we are demanding more rights that are meaningless when you ignore the most important right as a human being. That fundamental right that is key to all the other rights, is our ability to think freely. Are we not the victim of powerful external forces that literally enslave us and force us to surrender our free will, and make us look like a puppet dancing back and forth to somebody's tunes. This is the curse of humanity, that we are ignoring our own ability to think and make a difference in this world.


While we all (almost all of us) celebrate our freedom of speech and freedom of expression, we have surrendered our right to think freely, at the altar of social consciousness or political affiliations.


Start cultivating free thinking. Sharpen your curiosity and do not accept any idea without questioning its validity and usefulness. A few good friends connect regularly and rub off each others intellectual curiosity, and every one in the group will benefit from being a catalyst. Intellectual curiosity is the foundation of brilliance, and extraordinary thinking inspires.


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