Are You Fighting Imaginary Enemies?

by Gopi Nair
December 25th 2020

Almost all of us fight imaginary enemies in our mind. A husband is fighting a jealous wife, and a wife fighting a cheating husband, and a father fighting a disobedient son, and a sister fighting a non caring brother and the lists go on. Why are we fighting these imaginary enemies? Because many of us are doubting "Thomases", and those doubts many times baseless, trigger in our mind a combatant attitude towards our own loved ones. Most of us do not have the guts to confront the loved ones with the questions, as we ourselves know they are figments of our own imagination.


These doubts left unattended can feed on themselves, and all of a sudden slip out of our mind and on to the tongue and that is enough to create a toxic relationship with the loved ones. What should we do?


What do doubts do? They feed on themselves. So we need to erase them when they arise. You can use an eternal eraser which has magical powers. That is none other than "Gratitude". Whenever a doubt arises in your mind, you say


"I am grateful for the experience."


Then do not dwell on it, and instead focus on something else. Do not listen to or participate in gossips as they tend to corrode the layers of our own mental discipline and human touch.


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