Are You Flying With The Turkeys? 🦃

by Gopi Nair
June 26th 2020

You are always judged by the company you keep. More than that, if you are flying with Turkeys you may not fly too far in the sky. My mother always used to tell me when I was growing up that your friends must be better than you in every respect, education, character and the type of work they do. When your friends are better than you, you are likely to grow with them, and they could pull you up too. Tennis players always say that you must play with better players so that you can improve your game. It is very true, that you can improve your game when you play with a better player.


Yes, when you choose to fly with eagles, instead of turkeys you will fly high up in the skies. In real world you will improve your life, when you have better friends, more mature friends, and highly accomplished individuals. It is time for you to check it


"are you flying with turkeys"?


If yes, it is time to find some eagles to fly with!


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