Are You Getting A Good Nights Sleep?

by Gopi Nair
April 8th 2020

We spend almost one third of our life time sleeping,

so that the remaining two third of our life we can live well, leading a productive pursuit of our dreams! There has been a lot more research on the impact of a good night's sleep on our health, particularly relating to our brain. Sleep deprivation affects our ability to focus, leads to hallucination, onset of a host of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.


Adults on an average need seven to eight hours of quality sleep so that the body can repair itself during the slumber. We all need to pay attention to small things like what time we sleep, how well we sleep and where we sleep. Researchers say that one of the best things we can do is to sleep regularity. Trying to sleep at the same time every night, if possible at the same place. As much as possible during sleep keep away all the gadgets like the digital devices. It is said that more than 30% of adults in America suffer from sleep deprivation. You need not be one of them here or anywhere in the world!


Remind yourself about the need for eight hours of quality sleep. Do not compromise on this very vital health component. It is not worth the risk!

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