Are You Managing Your Digital Tempations?

by Gopi Nair
May 17th 2020

Starting from the first man and woman namely Adam,and Eve...


human beings are intrinsically wired to be tempted. Many of our temptations land us in trouble, and the digital age is only doubling and tripling those temptations. Along with the digital toys like telephone e-mails and text messages we are tempted to look at the social media pages one after another robbing our valuable time in the process. Many of those messages are filled with negativity and ego bruising narratives that throw us into the rut of despair . After the navigating through the digital world, we very often wonder why did we even open the computer or the tablet.


If we do not manage our digital temptations, it can create lot of agony, besides losing the precious time. So if you are not required to open the computer for office work, you will be better off designating a certain limited time to look at the personal e-mails and cell phones. You can inform your immediate family to use a particular device in case of family emergencies. You also need to train yourself that if you do not open the digital devices every hour sky is not going to fall. Plan your digital cravings ahead!


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