Are You Ruminating?

by Gopi Nair
April 16th 2021

At one time or the other when tragedies hit, or rejections confront us or failures follow us like a shadow, almost all of us tend to ruminate. To ruminate means to think over and over again like a broken record, of the same negative thought that has been bothering us. If left uncontrolled, it can cause serious mental and physical health problems like loneliness, depression anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. Rumination creates a hopeless mental situation, where nothing works and the mind can not stop dwelling on the negative thoughts.


One of the best remedies for rumination is the practice of Gratitude! Gratitude is the source of all positivity, and being grateful can turn the knob of your mind from extreme negativity to extreme positivity. It can bring the much needed hope and encouragement, like a good rain fall to the area of land consumed by drought and heat. Gratitude is a spiritual nourishment, that can emancipate our spirit and put us back to the normal state of mind. So watch out for your tendency to ruminate when a death of a loved one happens or a family tragedy strikes. "I am grateful to the Universe" is a mantra you can recite at all times. It is indeed a nourishment for the soul.


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