Are You Trying To Wake Up A Person..? 💤😴⏰

by Gopi Nair
May 17th 2020

Are you trying to wake up a person who is already awake?


Almost all of us invariably at sometime or the other make this mistake. It is waste of energy, an act of stupidity, and above all a frustrating human experience. So before you try to wake up a person make sure that he or she is indeed sleeping!


Many of us out of our eagerness to help others, try to "boost" them by giving them very many advices. Before we render any advice, please make sure that they are unaware of the things you are going to share with them. Many times, it so happens that your friends know exactly what they are doing, and they have a reason to do so. It may appear to be strange for an outsider, looking from outside. An element of empathy is very helpful before you think about advising others. You need to step into the shoes of the other, before giving your valuable advice.


While your intentions are good, it may not amount to anything worthwhile to the other. You must make sure that he is indeed sleeping (ignorant of the information you are going to pass on) before trying to wake him up. This way you can conserve the energy and advice and render them to others who really need and deserve them


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