Be Selfless Like Your Mirror!

by Gopi Nair
February 9th 2021

We all look in our mirror in the bathroom, or in the make up room and make sure that we look clean and attractive! I have been looking in the mirror over seven decades, and it never occurred to me as to how selfless the mirror is! It allows all of us to feel good, and rebuild our self confidence by looking at the mirror again and again before that important date you have, or even before that important interview you have. Why even just before the wedding, we want to reassure ourselves that we are looking very attractive and tempting! Our mirror is always smiling! It is never sad or mad, always only glad!


But I have never seen even once the mirror looking at its own face! It is a facilitator for others! It makes hundreds and thousands of people day in and day out very happy and joyful! It is as selfless like our own mothers who sacrifice everything for her children. Let us be selfless like our own mirror, and be a facilitator making other people happy and confident! Our mirror knows, it appears, that the amount of happiness we derive in this world is directly proportionate to the amount of happiness we are willing to give others!


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