Bury Your Yesterdays! Embrace Your Today!

by Gopi Nair
October 27th 2018

Almost all of us have some kind of pain or bitter experience buried in the past.


Many of us fondle them in our privacy and derive some hidden satisfaction. Once in a while, we as human beings reliving those painful moments is tolerable and normal. But reliving those yesterdays filled with pain and negativity regularly not only wreck our peace of mind, but it will kill our initiative and drain our positive energy. We can only draw a few lessons from the past, to guide us in our present. Every experience comes to teach us a lesson. Learn that lesson and move on with life, working for better days.




Just like atom is the basic building bloc of matter, thought is the basic building block of spirit. We experience our life, past present or future through our thoughts. Consider that we have three Buckets of thoughts, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. Without our conscious knowledge, all of us are filling these three buckets with thoughts of the past present or future. This unconscious accumulation of thoughts must cease to exist, and we must replace them with conscious accumulation. It is said that "weak is one who allows his thoughts to control his actions, and strong is one who forces his action to produce thoughts". When you are fully engaged in activities in the present, mind has no reason to dwell in the past, and this is exactly the reason for saying that "an idle mind is a devil's work shop". Our idea at all times, should be to put the devil out of business. This is the best way to stay focused and overcome the bitterness of the past.


ADVANTAGES OF BURYING THE PAST: There are several advantages we can reap by burying the past. First and foremost is the preservation of mental energy. Whenever you dwell in the past, and relive the negativity and pain, it causes big energy drain. To articulate this energy drain in detail, let me take an example. Thought Energy is the most invaluable resource we are endowed with from birth. Let us say that you have kept $25000.00 in the bank to buy a car. You accumulated this saving over a period five years. Every day you are taking 500, 1000 or 2000 dollars to buy useless stuff or for that matter gambling. This colossal wastage of your savings not only prevent you from buying a car which is essential for modern living, but it enslaves yo u to the undesirable habit of gambling. The same way the purpose of life is to use our thought energy productively to lead a virtuous and meaningful life. Once you fill your buckets (all the three) with thoughts of present activities, the bucket for thoughts of the past will be empty, and that too can be filled with present thoughts.


Besides saving the huge amount of mental potential, by avoiding the past, you can direct that saved human potential to shape your ideas to create something more useful to you and the society. Life is like a card game. You got your card from the dealer (your life from Almighty God) and you have to play your hand and not somebody else's hand. Many of us complain about the trump we did not get in this shuffle, and the life is simply wasted on complaining. You can do anything you want to do, or anybody you want to be, if you focus on your goal and persist. Many of the great men and women of the world had very humble beginnings, and yet they rewrote the history of the world! You only need a will to succeed, and the Universe will humbly provide the paraphernalia required for you to achieve your goals! Just keep in mind this secret.




Two simple rituals can jumpstart your voyage to live in the present moment. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, before you get out of the bed, say a prayer of gratitude to Almighty God, your parents, your spouse and children and others. Similarly just before you slip into sleep at night say a prayer of gratitude to Almighty God for the great day! You can create your own prayer word by word. But the most important thing is to follow this ritual every morning and night. After a year it will become second nature, as it will be etched in your very character. This is a very powerful ritual, and you will know it once you start following it.




We all confront challenges and tragedies in our everyday life! Set backs and failures are forerunners of success! We need to learn and practice methods of handling them. When confronted with challenges, and when you think you are losing the grip, you start reciting silently "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"! It is a mantra and needs to be recited as long as it takes to remove the cobwebbs of doubts and despair from the shores of your troubled mind. Whenever I am confronted with challenges, and I feel the pain of losing it, I recite several times "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" and it grants me relief and the courage to pick up where I left the tasks to move forward. After a few months trial, this too shall form a part and parcel of your attitude. Your attitude is the attire of your character, it is the sum total of your paradigm, and it is the epetomy of who you are as a person.




We all can cultivate a culture of compassion in our everyday life. Compassion is the art of understanding. It is the guardian of our Divine nature. Come to think of it, compassion is the heart of God as we learn from various Scriptures. The following ten acts of compassion will lay down the foundation for your Culture of Compassion:


Smile at every human being (any organism for that matter, as it is the replica of the Creator) who crosses your path daily. Use every opportunity to open the door for others (showing your courtesy and respect) Write down three things for which you are grateful, everyday. Use your vocabulary sparingly only to uplift and inspire. Keep your mouth shut, when emotions run high (at home particularly). Ask two questions to yourself eveeryday : WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? Try to become a "GO TO PERSON", available for others to lean on you. Grab every opportunity to help others (as the opportunity missed will never come back).


Stop "gossip" at any cost. It is a colossal wastage of precious thought energy. Always do more than you are paid for, even for an "ungrateful" employer. These simple acts of compassion will pave the bricks of change in your life. The toughest thing in the world is personal transformation. But it becomes very easy when you start cultivating the Culture of Compassion. You are what you think, what you speak and what you do. The TSA alignment (THOUGHT, SPEECH, ACTION) is the secret of harmony in human life. Once you start practicing TSA Alignment, your craving to be judgmental will disappear like an uninvited guest at a wedding. You will emit positive energy wherever you go, and you will become the most "sought after" person amidst your friends and family. More than all these fringe benefits, you will begin to reap the harvest of happiness and pure joy in life. You will start realizing your true purpose in life, and it can open doors for opportunities that you never dreamt possible in this life! GO FOR IT!


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