Can Emotional Wisdom Save Your Sanity?

by Gopi Nair
January 17th 2021

You bet.


Emotional Wisdom is a living philosophy, a practical way to navigate through the mind's mysterious landscape. Humanity as a whole is going through an unprecedented time mired in anxiety, frustration and anger because of the Covid-19 restrictions and other collateral damages caused by it.


When emotional intelligence is baked in the fire of life's experience, Emotional Wisdom is born. Gratitude is the foundation of Emotional Wisdom! With Gratitude you can neutralize negativity, the raw material that goes into the making of anger, fear, anxiety and frustration. Emotional Wisdom pulls you away from you, the problem, to the Universe where the solution lies. Always remember the amount of happiness that you derive in this world is directly proportionate to the amount of happiness you are willing to give others! It is in giving that you are receiving. This is the "mantra" you need to recite day and night. Practicing EW (Emotional Wisdom)starts with a Journal of Gratitude the foundation of joyous living, and purpose driven life! During the pandemic go around and distribute joy to the ones starving not only for food but also for love. If you can not volunteer your time, volunteer your wallet that can help someone in need.


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