Can Money Buy Happiness? 💰💸

by Gopi Nair
May 4th 2020

You Bet, Money Can Buy Happiness!


You can buy many things if you have money. For example you can buy a luxury car with money, and go for a joy ride with your wife and kids or with your girl friend. But after a few days or few weeks, the amount of happiness begins to deflate like a balloon. By its very nature, happiness is temporary because happiness exists in the field of time!


It is equally true that money can buy you unhappiness, although many of us are not aware of it! For example you have ten thousand dollars to invest. Somebody said American Airlines stock is a good one to invest. You went ahead and bought 500 shares of American (without doing much research) After a week American started to go down in value due to global pandemic. You panicked and sold it for 5000.00. Now you are very unhappy because you lost $5000. Money did buy unhappiness for you.Even this unhappiness is temporary because it too exists in the field of time. After a month you got your annual bonus of $10000.00, and your anguish of the loss of money began to fade.


Happiness is temporary, whereas inner joy is permanent as it is not attached to the wheel of time, Inner joy sprouts on the tree of Spirit! Start gathering inner joy, for that cultivate gratitude!


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