Can You Be Like A Non-Stick Pan?

by Gopi Nair
April 17th 2021

A non-stick pan is made of aluminum with a teflon coating or a ceramic coating that makes the pan 'non-sticky'.


When Lord Buddha talked about detachment, he was talking about the non-stick mind, where no negative thought residue is left. What difference will it make in our daily life, if no negativity is allowed to latch on to our psyche! With no negativity from other people's thoughts, speech or action, your ability to produce negative emotions like fear, anger or jealousy is reduced to the minimum. Such a mind, devoid of any negativity, is calm and collected ready to spring into action with astonishing creativity. A calm and peaceful mind can also create healthy body. After all ,every one's body is the shadow of his mind! A clean mind alone produces a healthy body.


"How Do YOU become like a non-stick pan?"


Gratitude is a positive emotion, as strong as the sunlight capable of erasing the darkness of negativity from the shores of human mind. Gratitude is appreciation, it is respect, it is empathy, it is kindness and compassion. Start practicing Gratitude and the grateful mind is coated with kindness which absorbs all the negativity it comes into contact with. This is the best way to deflect negativity.


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