Can You Create Your Own Circumstances?

by Gopi Nair
December 8th 2020

That is what we all do! Yet unknowingly we blame the family, society, and the country, gender and the color of the skin! The famous James Allen was right when he said


"circumstance is a looking glass."


Indeed your circumstance reveals to you what is lurking in the secret chambers of your own mind! We all have three tools with which we build the scaffolding, which helps us to carve out our own destiny. They are the Thought, Speech and Action with which we interact with the world around us.


Most of the time we are sleep walking through life, and somebody else does the thinking for us, they do the talking for us and we do things as though we were ordained to act. But if we learn to apportion our own awareness to thinking, speaking and doing we all can super charge the quality of our life! We can be the real masters of our destiny , and build a life of purpose and passion. This type of conscious living will free us from the blame game, and we take full responsibility for all our action and the inactions. Leaders do not blame any one and take full responsibility for their actions.


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