Can You Do This One Thing Today?

by Gopi Nair
December 8th 2021

Can you take an inventory of all your teachers from primary school to undergraduate and graduate schools? You may not be able to remember all of them at first. I tried to do that today. In the beginning I could remember a couple from grade school, a few from high school, and another ten from my college. Then I wrote in my Gratitude Journal all their names, and expressed my gratitude. It was a very pleasant experience, and I had never done that in the last fifty years. I still have to remember a few more of them, but it was indeed a very gratifying experience!

As you write the names of people to whom you are grateful and the very expression of gratitude, prepare your mind for a very exciting and energizing day. If gratitude is to be powerful, it must be expressed. Our teachers have contributed to our success and progress in our lives. Many of them have influenced us to shape our own view points about life. Many others taught us effectively to shine academically. Regardless, it is an opportunity to remember them and express our gratitude towards them. I do know that most of my teachers have already departed from this world after completing their mission. But this morning, I was able to fly back in time more than six decades long, and relive my student days. I am indeed grateful for that one of a kind experience! Try it and feel the very unique experience!

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