Can You Give Me At Least One Weeks Notice?

by Gopi Nair
July 3rd 2020



You may be wondering for what! That is a well kept secret, I can reveal only at the end of this post. But this is a time tested secret that can guarantee your emotional wisdom! In the grand scheme of things one week is like a drop in the bucket. We all can afford to give that one week's notice. Most of the employers in US and around the world expect you to give at least two weeks notice if you want to quit your job on amiable terms. But if you want to burn the bridge with your employer, you can walk out of the job and do not expect to get any reference from your employer. But most of the employees give the employer a two weeks notice as a courtesy.


Now I can reveal that well kept secret. I want you to give me ONE WEEK'S NOTICE, if you want me to get angry at you! I have been propagating the This is another theory of one week's notice for the last decade, and it has served me very well to keep my cool! I almost never gets provoked, as I expect others to give me at least one week's notice so that I can get angry at them. Thus if you give me a notice today, next Monday at 9.07AM I will call you and show my anger to you!


This is a very effective method to contain your anger, and eventually become anger free!

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