Can You Inspire One Person Everyday?

by Gopi Nair
April 11th 2021

It is a simple task to inspire one person a day!


That person could be your wife, husband, son, brother, or a coworker in the office. It does not matter, just start inspiring one mortal at a time. When you do that you are setting a trend in motion to move the world with positive energy. Every powerful thought creates a ripple in the ocean of consciousness , also known as the Universe. Thus you can change the world, especially at this time when the world is immersed in doom and gloom. To people all over the world hibernating due to the pandemic and the resultant fears, every inspiration is a God sent message of hope and uplifting optimism.


When you inspire another, there are two winners: you who initiated the inspiration, and the other person who receives the inspiration.


When there is darkness you light up a candle to erase darkness and bring light of optimism. The same way when there is hopelessness, frustration and fear you introduce inspiration, and it acts as a catalyst to change the world! This is the time, you are the man (woman), and this is the precise message! Will you do it?


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