Can You Meet The Devil At His Doorstep?

by Gopi Nair
April 28th 2020

Almost all of us freak out at the very thought of the devil, who is nothing but the manifestation of negativity, and the culmination of all negative tendencies in the man! Because we are afraid of the devil, we try to stay away from him, harboring the very fear within us. You will never get the freedom over the devil, as long as you are afraid, and refuse to come face to face with the devil!


The devil here is not a person, but a negative force that influences our decision making process, and weaken our will power and breaks the fabric of our moral fiber! In order to overcome the devil, no matter what it represents, we need to muster courage and meet the devil at his door steps. Seeing the unexpected visitor at his door steps, devil will be certainly embarrassed, to your amusement!


So train yourself to meet he the devil at his doorstep, and embarrass him to your advantage. This is how you become proactive, and courageous ready to accept the realities of life. Many times what we see are paper devils, who have no teeth to bite us. If the real devil (if there is one) appears we may not have many options to face him effectively. So do not be afraid of the imaginary devils taking refuge in our consciousness! Stay positive!

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