Can You Put The Devil Out Of Business?

by Gopi Nair
May 24th 2020

It is said that an


"idle mind is a devil's workshop",


and our aim must be to put the devil out of business. But putting a devil out of business is easier said than done. It requires relentless practice, and conscious choices in every day of our existence on this planet. If you slack even one day, that is enough for the devil to bounce back start working vigorously than before. Here are three useful tips you can use to keep you engaged all the time:


1. Keep yourself fully occupied at all times. It is said that "weak is one who allows his thoughts to control his actions. Strong is one who forces his actions to produce new thoughts".If you are actively engaged, and immersed in whatever you are doing you are fully occupied.


2. Have an "anchor thought" ready and willing to plunge into action at your command, and you bind your mind to that anchor thought when you are not fully occupied.


3. Remain grateful at all times! The devil is allergic to Gratitude, and he will vacate your mind as soon as you feel grateful inside.


"I am grateful for the experience"


must be a mantra to recite to get rid of the devil! Just like darkness is the absence of light, devil is the absence of God!


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