Can You Trust The Universe?

by Gopi Nair
March 2nd 2021

You bet! You can trust the Universe! It will reciprocate in kind many a times. It is our own self doubt that prevents us from trusting others. Once you start trusting others, life will be easy and painless. People will start trusting you, once you remove the doubts from your own mind.


Well, we all may have bitter experiences with some people or the other! We seldom realize that we sow the seeds of doubts and trepedation in their mind and those doubts manifested.


"What I have feared has fallen upon me"


proclaims the Holy Bible, and it is very true. We have no reasons to doubt others, except to massage our ego that left unchecked can cause havoc with our peace and tranquility. Surrender your ego at the altar of the Divine, and look for the goodness and honesty in others. What you see in others will start manifesting as you trigger their own inner nature which is goodness.


Start your trusting expedition from today and see how your own life changes. It is easy to navigate through the planet, when you start trusting others. We are all here for a short visit! Nothing belongs to us really speaking. We are all temporary custodians for things granted into our possession. Everything belongs to mother earth! Understand this truth.


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