Did You Know That Gratitude Makes You Sleep Better?

by Gopi Nair
November 23rd 2021

Ever since I started practicing gratitude on a daily basis, one of my rituals is to say a thirty second gratitude prayer before I slip into sleep. I just say mentally, "I am grateful to the Universe" three times before I fall asleep. Now over a period of time, I keep on reciting, "I am grateful to the Universe" until I fall asleep. When I open my eyes in the morning, generally it is 6:00 AM, after eight hours of solid sleep. In fact, gratitude has become my effective sleeping pill, and also induces deep sleep as my mind stops the tendency to wander over the events that occurred during the day. While the thirty second prayer has become an integral part of my Gratitude Practice, it is also helping me to improve my sleep quality. A good night's sleep is a prerequisite for healthy living, and it also gives you a bout of energy for the daily activities awaiting in the morning.

Even if you have no problem falling asleep, please try the thirty second Gratitude Prayer before falling asleep, as it can immensely improve the quality of your sleep. Generally in my bedroom, there are no distractions like a cell phone or any other electronic devices. Once I switch off the light, my room is immersed in complete darkness, that will only add to the value by inducing the body to create much needed melatonin. These are small things that can make a big difference when it comes to our wellness. One's health is the first and the best wealth, without which we cannot enjoy any other forms of wealth we accumulate.

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