Do One Thing to Increase Your Happiness

by Gopi Nair
December 8th 2021

We are all fully engaged in the pursuit of happiness, and chasing life is simply chasing happiness. Nobody really wants to be unhappy. "I am looking for unhappiness in my life", I have not seen anybody saying that. There is nothing wrong in looking for happiness, and we all should be looking for happiness.

We must all be sowing the seeds of happiness, wherever we go. The farmer wants to reap wheat and he sows the seeds of wheat. He does not sow barley and expect to reap wheat. We need to do exactly what the farmer does, because everything multiplies after its kind. We need to ask a question to ourselves: "Are we sowing the seeds of happiness, or are we sowing the weeds of unhappiness?" We need to be very conscious of what we are sowing to reap the same harvest. Are you sowing the seeds of happiness, or are you making more people unhappy by your thoughts, speech, and actions? The world without is nothing but a reflection of the world within! So we all need to search our soul to make sure that we are causing others to be happy and in the process we find our own happiness. If you are bringing unhappiness to others, you need to mend your ways and consciously think, speak, and act in ways that cause others to be happy. Hence it is said, "What you sow, that alone you shall reap."

Once there lived a boy of ten years in a small village along with his mother. They were living happily together. One day, mother did not allow the boy to do certain things. He really got mad at her, and ran up to a hill which was located behind their home. He stood on top of the hill and shouted at the top of his voice, "I hate you!" The echo came back very strong and sounded, "I hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The little boy really got frightened and ran up to his mother and said, "Mom, I am scared because there is a monster behind the hill. He shouted at me, 'I hate you!'" The kind mother understood what happened and lovingly said, "My son go back to the hill top and say very loudly, 'I love you!'" The boy went back to the hill top and shouted at the top of his voice again, "I love you!" The echo came back, "I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The boy ran back to his mother and said, "Mom, the monster said 'I love youuuuuuu!'"

This is how life is. It is merely an echo. Whatever you offer to the Universe will come back to you multiplied. So always be conscious of what you are offering to the Universe, in terms of your thoughts, speech, and actions. Whatever you want in life, start offering that to the Universe, to anyone and everyone who crosses your path. This is the secret of reaping happiness, and it works for everyone anywhere in the world!

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