Do You Enjoy Spiritual Freedom?

by Gopi Nair
July 10th 2020

Spiritual Freedom grants you the ability to think unbiased, untouched by the herd mentality, and it enhances your ability to be all that you can, and all that you want to be. Spiritual Freedom is the end of material serfdom, the victim mentality, and nobody owes you anything in this world. It is for you to assert your God given power of free thinking to think freely, and convert the Spirit (thought is Spirit) into its material equivalent.


Command the Spirit to manifest anything you need and you want, it shall simply obey. You are not born to live like a worm to eat sleep and reproduce before the mortal disintegration! You are born to live like a man (woman) manifesting the desires that burn within, like a master craftsman or like an alchemist who can convert anything into a pot of gold.


What does prevent you from commanding the spirit?


Your inability to know who you are! It is your inability to exercise the Spiritual Freedom, the ability to identify that everything is energy, that can not be created nor can it be destroyed. It can only be transformed by applying the Universal Laws! Start exercising your Spiritual Freedom, live a life of purpose! Know what you want, go after that by focusing your spirit on it day and night!


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