Do You Have The "Failure" Skill?

by Gopi Nair
April 27th 2020

Failure is an essential skill in life!


You can not succeed without failing. Every failure is an experience that comes to teach us a lesson, and many times more than one lesson. The best experience in life is provided by those failures! When you fail in something it does not mean you are a 'failure". It means you are on track to success. Almost all the highly successful people failed once twice or thousands of time before they finally succeeded. It is said Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times before he invented the incandescent light bulb. Abraham Lincoln failed many times before he became the 16th President of the United States. In our own time JK Rowling was rejected a dozen times, before her book was accepted by the publisher.


So failure is an essential skill to be learnt to be successful in life. When you fail it opens your soul! This process will take you to real insights and open vistas of opportunities that were hidden from you before. Embrace failures, you are on the right track to success!Every failed experience is a master lesson in life, and internalize that and move forward,you will be the next success story!

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