Do You Talk To Your Higher Self?

by Gopi Nair
April 30th 2020

We all must talk to our Higher Self!


Why? Because it is pure communication, as we peel away our mask of pretensions.


Even when we talk to our spouses, there is a slight element of pretension (pardon me if I am wrong) as we all have a need to impress our life partners! But when you talk to your own Higher Self, there is no need to impress as your Higher Self has privy to what is going on inside your mind!


The best counsel you can get is from your own Higher Self! You can talk to your Higher Self as if you are talking to an intimate friend (even better than that), and It has the ability to answer any questions you asked. Most of the time it springs in your mind when you least expect it. It is your own Sub Conscious mind, which has spiritual tentacles spread throughout the length and breadth of the Universe! It can also tap into wisdom of the Universal Consciousness, the all knowing awareness!


No knowledge is hidden from the Universal Consciousness. The only condition is that you take it seriously and go into periods of silence when you want to communicate with your Higher Consciousness. You can also keep a Journal of your conversation, strictly for your own use. You will be amazed at the brilliant responses!

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