Do You Want To Restart Your Life Today?

by Gopi Nair
April 4th 2021

We all know that yesterday ended with last night! Still it is almost impossible for almost all of us to completely disassociate from the past, the pain, frustration, defeat and betrayal that we attribute to the past memories. But unless you and I take full responsibility for our past action, and free ourselves from the blame game it is almost impossible for us to overcome the past, and create a new path for us to navigate to ultimate success.


It does not matter who you are, and what challenges you faced in life or how many people took advantage of you, you can recreate the life of your choice. You can manifest your desire, no matter what it is, if you follow the following three step process:


1. Know exactly what you want- only one desire at a time.


2. Transmit your intention(as positive affirmations) to Mother Universe with reverence and gratitude.


3. Get out of the way keeping yourself busy with the work you are doing.Do not micro manage the Universe. Do not dwell on your past failures or frustrations. It is not your lower self which is engaged in the manifestation process. Stop the blame game and start writing your Gratitude Journal every day! You will recreate your life.


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