Don't Mess With Your Subconscious Mind!

by Gopi Nair
January 13th 2021

Many of us do not even know that we have a very powerful tool at our disposal to navigate through the world successfully. It is known as our subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is the master mind and the subconscious mind is its most powerful servant. Unless you know the the way the subconscious mind operates, it can be your worst enemy. The following traits of the subconscious mind can immensely help you in solving any problem you may have:


1. subconscious mind can transcend time and space, and its spiritual tentacles are spread through out the Universe!


2. It does not know the difference between a synthetic experience and an actual experience. Since this is the way it operates, you can act as though you are happy, subconscious will move all its forces to make you happy! There is a dialogue going on between the subconscious and the conscious all the time. For example today morning you got up and said to yourself "I feel terrific". The subconscious mind accepts this and says:


"My master feels great today. Let me make sure that he/she is right!"


Since it is the most powerful servant at your beck and call, do not mess with it. Only think about the things that you want, and feel about the emotions you relish!


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