End Of Suffering!

by Gopi Nair
January 13th 2021

We human beings are are always trying to escape suffering. Yet almost all of us find ourselves drawn into more and more suffering. There is physical pain which may be unavoidable, yet suffering is a personal choice. Hence Lord Buddha proclaimed:


"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."


What did Buddha mean by that? We get pain on our physical body, but suffering occurs in the mind. In other words, personification of pain is suffering. We prolong the pain in our mind by thinking about it and it assumes the form of chronic suffering!


When the mind is withdrawn from the pain, suffering ceases to exist. In order for us to eliminate suffering, we need to divorce ourselves from the past and the future. So what is left?


THE ETERNAL PRESENT! The more we live in the Present the more we are free from suffering. The short cut to live in the present is to "SURRENDER TO THE HIGHER POWER" by surrendering our ego at the altar of Divinity!


Past is riddled with pain, and future is engulfed in fear! The Present alone induces peace and tranquility!


Practice Gratitude, it is the way to Surrender. When you Surrender to the Universe, it is the end of Suffering.


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