Failure: The Bridge To Success

by Gopi Nair
February 15th 2021

I am yet to see a person who has not met with some failed experiences, before embracing the sweet maiden of success!


Names like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, J.K.Rowling, Michael Jordan, Jack Canfield (the Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) are some of the great examples of successful people who faced failures before they became successful in their chosen field.


Every failure does not make you a failure, it simply builds a bridge for you to cross over to the other side. This word is made up of polar opposites. There will be no success without failure, no day without night, no white without black, no woman without a man, no happiness without sadness nor happiness without failure!


Understand this very nature of life, and you will be happy to accept failure as an essential ingredient of success! Whenever you fail, you are nearing success.


"the darkest night is just before dawn"


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