Follow Your Awareness, Craft Your Destiny! 🔮

by Gopi Nair
May 19th 2020

Understanding the role your awareness playing in building your destiny is the only key you need to open the doors of infinite possibilities. You and I are loaded with possibilities and potentials, and only a small fraction of it gets discovered.


Our valuable focus and attention are lost in the pursuit of trivialities , and ego massaging events that temporarily satisfy us. We all try to end up as a big fish in a small pond, not even aware of the oceanic possibilities! But if you spend fifteen minutes every day to follow your awareness, it can open before you flood the gate of abundance, peace and spiritual contentment. When you know who you are, the evolution is complete!


Your Intentions are your traffic cops that direct the flow of awareness. If you can follow your awareness everyday, every hour and every minute and every second, uncertainties of life will wither away like the morning fog as the Sun rises in the East. It is the Sun of Understanding that can erase the darkness of our own ignorance that we are limited to the possibilities enshrined in the human body we call erroneously as "I". We ought to ask this question:




Will continue.


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