Four Daily Rituals to Reduce Weight

by Gopi Nair
December 9th 2021

Almost all of us can derive health and emotional benefits from reducing at least five pounds of our weight. These are four daily rituals that can assure your weight reduction:

Ritual Number One: Begin with the end in sight. Please take a picture of you when you were eighteen or twenty years old. Please place it on a night stand in your bedroom, so that you can see it when you wake up in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night. You are programming your subconscious mind to get the end result by gazing at your old picture. Your subconscious mind is like a sponge, it will absorb everything that is impressed on it.

Ritual Number Two: Follow the fifty percent rule. The fifty percent rule says that whatever you eat, breakfast, lunch or dinner, even snacks, cut the quantity down to fifty percent. If you are eating a large bowl of cereal for breakfast or four idlies for breakfast, eat a small bowl of cereal or two idlies respectively. Be very conscious about it whenever you eat.

Ritual Number Three: Follow the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Rule. This rule says at no time your stomach is full. It is filled with 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 empty. This will leave room for the food to move around and 1/3 water will ensure that you are hydrated all the time.

Ritual Number Four: Practice gratitude every day. You show your gratitude for the food that you eat, the people who serve it, and the farmer who grows the food far away in the field. Gratitude helps you to eat healthy, chewing it properly, and enjoying everything you eat. The attitude of gratitude for the food you eat, and the people who serve it, and the farmers who grow it, will help you digest the food properly giving you all the energy you need every day. Besides, by practicing gratitude daily you get control over your emotions, and your emotional well-being is assured.

Always keep in mind these three principles of weight reduction:

  1. Awareness is more important than activity.
  2. Character is more important than calories.
  3. Discipline is more important than diet.

These are very simple techniques anyone can do, and no special skill or training is required. These techniques will foster discipline in your life, and keep your weight under control for the rest of your life. How do I know that this will work? By practicing these rituals, I was able to bring down my weight from 156 lbs to 125 lbs. I am still keeping the same weight after three years. I am so addicted to my rituals, they are my every day companions and my weight reduction gurus.

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