Gratitude As A Management Tool!

by Gopi Nair
March 9th 2021

As the world is going through the Covid-19 pandemic, and most of the work force including the top management leading the team from isolation, the conventional management tools are not enough to inspire the managed. With almost no personal interaction, or personal meeting, where you can inspire the people working with you, it is still very important to inspire those team members grinding hours of work from the kitchen table . Rather it is more important today more than ever to show your appreciation for the hours of hard work they are putting in. Almost all of them get no overtime as they are called "White Collar employees" ineligible for over time.


There is no other human emotion as powerful and yet simple as Gratitude! Gratitude is the mother of all positive emotions like Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, Kindness and Compassion. An ounce of appreciation is worth more than a ton of compensation. Many big corporations have in place a program to appreciate the employees on a regular basis. Employee Appreciation must be a part and parcel of every corporate culture, and it should be spearheaded by an officer at the VP level. Gratitude as a management tool can increase the productivity starting from the bottom to the top!


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