Gratitude To Guru = GURUPOORNIMA!

by Gopi Nair
July 9th 2020

Today is celebrated in this part of the word as Guru Poornima , a day to offer our respect and reverence to our spiritual and academic teachers! Guru Poornima is observed by the Hindus all over the world as the day to show the respect to our "Spiritual Guru", the one who holds our hand and lead us to our spiritual freedom. "Guru" in Sanskrit means the dispeller of darkness, the one who leads us to the path of enlightenment, where life as a delusory dream gets etched in our inner consciousness. It is also believed to be the birth day of Veda Vyasa, a Spiritual Giant of ancient India.


We all can celebrate this day of Guru Poornima to show our endless stream of respect to all our teachers starting with our mother! Mother is the first and the best teacher, who lights up our path, and teaches the first word we utter "ma", amma, or mom meaning mother. All other teachers including our Spiritual Teachers come only after our own mother who is the embodiment of indescribable sacrifices, compassion and unconditional love. So let us all celebrate Guru Poornima today by showing our debt of gratitude to all our teachers. Gratitude must be the only attitude in life.! Gratitude really dictates your altitude in life!


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