by Gopi Nair
November 30th 2021

Gratitude must be the only attitude, It can surely dictate your life's altitude. Gratitude is respect, it is appreciation, It can enrich one's life without depreciation!

Gratitude enables you to live in the present, It looks like a noble virtue, just and God- sent. Life is a journey of Gratitude from cradle to graveyard, Gratitude neutralizes negativity and guard!

Gratitude buries forever the pain of the past, It can bring peace and plenty to always last, It can clip the wings of tomorrow's fear, As you are focused in the now and here!

Gratitude reminds you to surrender one's ego, that tyrant left unchecked, will let the sanity go! Life is utterly miserable, without a sense of Gratitude, Cultivate it daily, and make it your only attitude!

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