Hang In By The Thread Of Your Spirit!

by Gopi Nair
April 10th 2020

Times are tough, challenging, and the path ahead is paved with stones of sorrow,

and fenced with darkness of despair and despondency! It is almost impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When morbid fears are clustering like dark clouds over us, and when our cognitive faculties are temporarily suspended by the frozen brain cells, how can we resurrect ourselves?This is the moment of trial, this is the moment of tribulations. This is the time to summon our indomitable Spirit, without which we are a piece of dirt incapable of even lifting our little finger.


We need to hang on to the holy grail of Hope, which is the darling daughter of Spirit. Just like a blind man needs his cane to navigate through his blind world, we all need to cling to our faith to carry us through this tough and rough times. Even against all hopes, let us hope for the best. Let us expect the compassion of the Divine to end our untold miseries, and put us back on track to our innate nature of tranquil existence! Let us seek the forgiveness of mother nature, for our own ignorant living, and inadequacies. Let us all hold on to our respective faith, loving one another, praying for Universal Peace and Happiness.

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