Happy Diwali To All Of My Friends Around The World!! 🪔

by Gopi Nair
November 15th 2020

Today is Diwali in this part of the world! 🪔


It is very significant this year, as mankind is passing through the darkest time of this generation! There is fear, pain, helplessness gloom and doom weighing on everyone's mind!


But I think this is a wake up call for mankind all over the world. We need to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, and rise to the occasion to expel the forces of darkness from our mind and heart first. Let us light up the light of kindness, love and compassion to one another. Let us rekindle the lamp of hope and gratitude.


This too shall pass!


Open your wallet, open your soul, and find your purpose in life! Nothing belongs to you or me. We are simply temporary custodians of whatever granted to us. Please remember that!


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