Happy Easter To Everyone!

by Gopi Nair
April 4th 2021

He is risen! He has given the world the message of peace and hope! Jesus Christ was a revolutionary Jew, who challenged the convention of conformity of the Jewish people. He chased out the money changers from the Synagoges, and tried to redefine the relationship between man and God. Before Jesus appeared in Jerusalem, the traditional Jewish people believed in a God who could unleash His revenge on the people for disobeying Him. But Jesus changed that relationship by reintroducing God as the father, whom He called the "Father In Heaven". It was easy for His followers to understand that relationship as they could equate the Heavenly Father with their own earthly father. What does a father do?


Number 1. Father (earthly) gives the seed of life biologically. The same way the Father in Heaven gives the Spirit which is life itself without which we are all reduced to inert matter.


Number 2. Father gives protection to his children The same way Heavenly Father provides protection to all His children, without favor. We all find our own refuge in Almighty God.


Number 3. Since He is our Father we are all heir-apparent to His Estate: The Domain of Spirit! It is our birthright to ascend to the throne of Spirit and know who we are!


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