How Can You Find Inner Joy? Conclusion..

by Gopi Nair
April 20th 2020

When you look at every experience with a sense of Gratitude,you realize your freedom to evaluate any experience withouta bias, or preconceived idea. There will be no negativity influencing your evaluation process, and without the raw material of negativity no demon of fear, anger or frustration is created. This ultimate removal of negativity is the heavenly task only Gratitude can perform.

Gratitude must be the only attitude in your life. This is possible when you accept Gratitude as a way of life, and a Grateful Mental Attitude is followed as a discipline. You resort to a total paradigm shift, where you take full responsibility for your thought, speech and actions. You have no more need to blame others, or judge others. You are simply grateful for every event in your life! You accept the stark reality that you are the architect of your own destiny, and you are not born to be a victim of circumstances! You can insist victory over your circumstances, no matter what they are.

The Grateful Mental Attitude empowers you from within! It opens your inner spiritual eyes! It reveals you the very secret of life, veiled away from ordinary mortals that





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