How Do You Read "Impossible"..?

by Gopi Nair
January 13th 2021

I read it as I (A)M POSSIBLE!


The possibilities are endless in our everyday life.. but we get caught up in the mirage of impossible tasks, as they are easy to adopt and nobody tells you otherwise! From today onwards, beat the impossible by substituting "I am possible". You are the embodiment of possibilities, and your potential is limited by your own imagination! Break that imaginary barrier of "impossibilities", and substitute with "I am possible", and you will be amazed at the changes you make in your life.


Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, and the famous Wright Brothers are mortal examples of "I am possible". They beat the impossibilities, and embraced the possibilities to show case the human potential! You too can do the same!


But the question is "Will You"..?


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