How Do You Attract Abundance Into Your Life?

by Gopi Nair
January 14th 2021

It is easier than you think! You can have anything you want in life, that too in abundance, if you understand and apply the most powerful Law of the Universe! It is the Law of Reciprocity! The Law of reciprocity says that whatever you offer to the Universe it will come back to you multiplied! So the simple solution for attracting abundance is offering the abundance to the Universe.


If you offer a dollar to your child, you are attracting abundance!


If you offer 100 dollars to your wife you are attracting abundance!


If you offer ten dollars to a homeless man you are attracting abundance.


They are representing the Universe!


Your Thoughts, your Speech and your deeds are offerings to the Universe! If you kick a can in the street you are kicking the Universe. You are triggering the Law of Reciprocity to operate. You now know the result!


"Wish for others what you wish for yourself."


Universe is all inclusive! It excludes none.


"It is in giving that we are receiving!"


You practice abundance in all areas of your life, you will be blessed with abundance!


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