How Do You Convert Spiritual Wealth Into Material Wealth?

by Gopi Nair
February 9th 2021

Our Creator is always just! He (He includes She) has given all His children (barring a few exceptions) the ability to think. Our ability to think is our Spiritual Wealth. Every Thought is a droplet of the Divine, the spark of Spirit, and the brick of the building we call destiny! Thought by Thought, Word by Word, and Deed by Deed we all can weave our fabric of fate.


Converting Spiritual Wealth into Material Wealth is a three step process:


Step #1. Think of the one thing you want . For example" I want one Million Dollars!" or"I want to be an actor" or a Writer or a Singer", or "I want to marry a certain boy or a girl". But choose only one intention at a Time.


Step #2. With utmost respect, and gratitude transmit your intention to mother Universe!


Step #3. Simply get out of your way! Do not tell mother Universe, it has to happen in certain way! She knows the best! You can not micro manage the Universe! If any doubt creeps in to your consciousness simply say: "I am grateful for the experience" and get busy with your work.


Do something to cement your own intention to your "psyche". For example have the picture of your "sweet heart" as your wall paper on your laptop! This will work!


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