How To Find Joy Amidst Sorrow?

by Gopi Nair
May 8th 2020

As every day passes in this era of pandemic, we are bombarded with negative news imbedded in sorrow!


As we begin to dwell on the predicament of others who lose the loved ones, or left in isolation we will be forcefully drawn into the world of negativity and despair. The more we try to get out of the negativity cycle, the more we are pushed down by our deepening sorrow. There are three things we all can do to find the spring of joy even during the pandemic:


1. Follow your rituals everyday that keeps you fully engaged without any distractions. Stay focused on the daily chores at home or office work you are doing remotely.


2. Try to do every day five simple acts of kindness. For example if your next door neighbor needs some help with their grocery buying, or going to the pharmacy to pick up their medicine, please volunteer to do that.


3. Wherever they may be ,make it a point to call your parents who will be delighted to hear your voice. When they feel elated, that will be transmitted back to you. If you have small children arrange a face time with your parents. That will be really exciting to your parents and your children.


You can add your own favorite chores to these. When you live for others, you can generate joy in your mind!


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